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FGB Rod End Bearings GE160ES & Knuckle Joint Bearing

High Performance FGB Rod End Bearings GE160ES 

No.1 FGB Rod End Bearing GE160ES Description:

1). Bearing Series: GE..ES;

2). Bearing Size: 160x230x105mm;

3). Sliding Contact Surface: Steel on Steel;

4). Relubrication Needed: With Lubrication;

5). Seals: Without Seals;

No.2 FGB Rod end bearing GE160ES Design Features:

1). Outer ring with single split in axial direction;

2). Both outer and inner rings are phosphate treated;

3). But can be relubricated via annular groove and lubricating holes;

No.3 We can supply other FGB Rod end bearing models:

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No.4  FGB Rod end bearing pictures show:

FGB Bearing

FGB Spherical plain bearing

FGB Rod end bearing

FGB Radial spherical plain bearing

FGB Joint bearing

FGB Joint ball bearing

FGB Knuckle Joint Bearing 

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